Re: [csswg-drafts] [web-animations-1] Fixed play animation procedure for scroll animations (#2075) (#5059)

> > If we could do the whole thing synchronously by invoking the set the start time procedure, that would at least be more consistent.
> I prototyped this in Chromium and ran all the timing tests. I didn't find any failures with the exception of pending flag being false after play() and timing of ready promise. Note that [update an animations finished state]( invoked from [setting the start time]( (see the last bullet) should be called with _did seek_ flag set to false. Alternatively play task can be called synchronously from play().
> This is probably the right way to go since there is no really pending actions that can not be accomplished synchronously. I am just worried that it can complicate user scripts when both scroll and time linked animations are involved.

Yes, that's a very valid concern.

However, I _think_ by calling the procedure to _set the start time_ the Promise resolution procedure will mean those callbacks get called at the next microtask checkpoint so those code will still act more-or-less the same in both cases.

The only difference is that the `pending` state is false immediately after calling `play()` for the scroll-timeline case. However, that is already true if, for example, you call `play()` on an already running animation attached to a document timeline--so in that sense we're being consistent with the idea that we only go pending if there is pending work to do.

(And the more I think about it, the more I wonder if the pending playback rate actually needs to be applied asychronously for `play()` anyway? I'm having trouble thinking of a scenario where it would make a difference?)

While we're touching this procedure, I wonder if it would be more neat to drop the _performed seek_ flag and set a local _seek time_ variable. Then, if that value was set, before step 6 we'd either update the _hold time_ or call the _set the start time_ procedure? (And possibly clear the _hold time_ value there too as per this PR?)

Thanks for all your work on this. Unfortunately I think at this time it's only you and I who are really familiar with these procedures and they're very complicated. I wish we could make them all simpler somehow!

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