Re: [csswg-drafts] [meta] [css-fonts] Criteria for generic font families (#4910)

> > I have not noticed such usage in Japanese fwiw, but in Chinese...
> It is common in Japanese too. I think it is a general requirement to style an "alternate voice" in different fonts, and italics/oblique don't work well in Japanese either. Which one to use instead isn't very well standardized, vary by the author and the situation, but usually a specific group of families that represents the author's intention best, such as serif/sans-serif, rounded, Kaisho, Reishotai, Kointai, (the last three examples are Japanese specific families) etc.

As an example, Japanese Gothic typefaces are often used for highlighting/emphasis when the main text is in a Mincho typeface. This usage is documented in [jlreq]( (see also for an illustration).

(I will refrain from giving more examples. I think examples are more suitable for issues for specific generic font families, rather than this meta issue.)

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