Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values]: Express conditional values in a more terse way (#5009)

> If so, 3 just seems like a more general version of 2, rather than "none of them can reasonably be folded into the other". Or am I missing something?

Missing something. ^_^

(2) is a math function - it has access to the values that math functions do, and can compare them like like min/max can. Its values are calculations; they'd live under the same restriction as min() - the "types" of the calculations need to add together without returning failure. So you can tell at parse-time what type the function is, and can grammar-check it, just like the other math functions.

(3) is basically a var() that has access to LayoutWorklet information to figure out which arbitrary value to replace it with; it can do anything, but can't be grammar-checked at parse-time, and it has several properties it can't be used in.

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