Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text-4] Specify that hyphens triggered by soft hyphens follow the hyphenate-limit-* rules (#5090)

I'm not convinced and I don't agree.

Let's imagine what it could look like in ten years if browsers supported these features: One browser (let's call it LavaLion) supports automatic hyphenation for almost all languages, the other browser (Quicksilver) can only hyphenate a few languages automatically.
Web developers use a JavaScript library to insert soft hyphens in Quicksilver for unsupported languages.

If, as suggested here, some CSS properties only apply to automatic hyphenation, users will need to define their style settings in two places (CSS and JavaScript). If, on the other hand, the CSS properties apply to manual AND automatic hyphenation, the user can define these settings in one place (CSS) and it doesn't matter whether the possible hyphenation points come from automatic hyphenation or were marked by soft hyphens.

You could also put it like this: the "hyphenator" (be it a hyphenation algorithm or a user who inserts soft hyphens) specifies possible hyphenation points, the CSS properties define a style, which of these possible hyphenation points may be used.


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