Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text-3] Segment Break Transformation Rules around CJK Punctuation (#5086)

The root issue of this discussion is that we disagree on the goal of this feature. You seem to misunderstand I'm talking about web compat, sorry if I lead you to the misunderstanding.

IIUC, you and @fantasai want to make the goal of this feature a semantic line break. I disagree with that. The goal of this feature for me is to help some use cases, such as using version control system easier.

I think we should not make the semantic line break a goal, because it's heuristic. Heuristic rules makes authors harder to predict/control the insertion/removal of the space, so we have conflicting ease-of-uses.

As @r12a [pointed out in his comment](, there will be a lot of cases where author must adjust line break to resolve ambiguities. This happens quite often that I think making it easier is critical for ease-of-use for authors. Heuristic rules make this harder, so I'm against adding heuristic rules.

You and @fantasai look so strong that I can live with the 4 code points, but that's the maximum for me. If you don't think it's sufficient and prefer not adding at all is better than 4, I'm happy with that, but I'm against adding more.

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