Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-ui] Change appearance: button to only apply to buttons (#5174)

The conclusion reached during the meeting is a little bit flawed, as we used imprecise language and confused ourselves. 

> RESOLVED: Limit 'appearance: button' to buttons once we figure out what buttons are

> As a follow up on the previous discussion, we should define what buttons refer to

We don't actually need to define what buttons are, because the way we achieve "Limit 'appearance: button' to buttons" is by making `button` part of the `<compat-auto>` non-terminal value type. This means the button keyword will behave identically to the `auto`, this lets widgets get their native appearance, and leaves other things alone. The result is that things that aren't supposed to be buttons can no longer forcibly be made into buttons, but we don't need to specify which is which, as determining what is the correct native appearance of various widgets is the responsibility of the host language (HTML), not of the css spec.

Based on that, the resolution is actually enough to make the edit to the spec, and does not need further research to determine what buttons are.

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