Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-writing-mode] Why is writing-mode not inferred from the lang attribute? (#5373)

> I know that some traditionally vertical languages like Chinese nowadays allow for both writing directions, but this doesn't mean that all vertical languages do this.

For the overwhelming majority of vertical writing system usage, it is optional. And and with regards to the rest, the existing reality is that the page defaults to horizontal writing for several decades now. If we tried to infer from the lang tag, there's a decent chance we would break pages that are expecting horizontal writing mode. If vertical writing were part of the Web in the early days, we could have incorporated such auto-styling, but I suspect at this point, we can't.

Though, if it can be statistically shown that 99.99% of e.g. Mongolian pages are already setting themselves to vertical-lr, then you might have a case for making it part of the default settings.

> when defaulting the inline direction to left-to-right is not.

We do in fact default the inline direction to LTR, though. It's HTML that sets it otherwise. Technically this is an HTML default style sheet issue.

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