Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-variables] Substitution of invalid variables into other variables (#5370)

(Thinking about it some more:)

> Perhaps an alternative path to allow the previous computed-value-time initial behavior could be added independently?

Yeah, that could be the way to go. It _does_ seem useful to be able to control the IACVT behavior in your example (thanks for that BTW :+1:). Not sure how though. Maybe it's an aspect of the property itself (in which case it's `@property` territory), or it's an aspect of the value, e.g. a new function which takes any value, and falls back to something else if the main value is IACVT (for example `--bigger: validate(calc(var(--other) * 5, initial)`. (Almost like catching an exception ...)

Some of this reminds me of #5055, though that's not quite going to work here as-is. (Linking anyway for inspiration). 

On the other hand, it seems easy to solve this problem in practice by just having the outer element of the component reset all the custom properties that shouldn't cross the boundary, and then an inner element can (attempt) to set the actual values for those properties.

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