Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] letter-spacing should not apply to the end edge of a line/span? (#1518)

The first two were completely on topic. Can you please not just mark my words as "not to your liking" and thus hidden for everyone who does not have an account?
These are my first three comments for everyone to read:

mruncreative 1 hour ago
>I think a much simpler model would be that letter-spacing increases (or decreases) the advance width of all typographic units equally on both sides, so that the glyph remains centered (typically) within its advance. Or in other words, half of the letter-spacing is applied to each of the left and right sidebearings of the glyph.

>This is exactly what I proposed further up in the discussion. However it is not necessary because you can simply include the spaces in the tag: word<letter-spacing> word </letter-spacing>word
We don't need special treatment in that regard.
>As a German I care more about getting an extra spacing html tag with correct letter spacing see whatwg/html#5709

mruncreative 1 hour ago
>Upon further research that also seems to be what typesetters did originally.

mruncreative 1 hour ago
>Letter spacing in German usage is basic formatting like underlining. So it's really important to be part of the content and transferable from one document to another and independent of CSS. As well as easily supportable by e-readers or the like.

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