Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline-3] text-align + initial-letter (#5207)

The CSS Working Group just discussed `text-align + initial-letter`, and agreed to the following:

* `RESOLVED: make drop caps behave like raise caps for the purposes of text-align and justification`

<details><summary>The full IRC log of that discussion</summary>
&lt;fantasai> Topic: text-align + initial-letter<br>
&lt;fantasai> github:<br>
&lt;fantasai> github:<br>
&lt;emilio> fantasai: we had a long discussion about this a while back and we decided for raise caps to make them part of the rest of the line<br>
&lt;emilio> ... but for drop caps we decided something else<br>
&lt;emilio> ... but having two models is not great, and even a raised initial  can affect the second line if it has a descender<br>
&lt;emilio> ... so my proposal is to treat drop caps the same as raised caps, participating in the alignment context of the first line<br>
&lt;dbaron> It sounds like this might be better for shape-inside as well?<br>
&lt;emilio> ... then if it affects following lines it'd shorten them<br>
&lt;emilio> dbaron: What I've seen people do is combining initial-letter effects with shape-inside<br>
&lt;emilio> ... may or may not impact this discussion<br>
&lt;emilio> ... haven't worked through whether this decission affects it<br>
&lt;emilio> fantasai: I don't think it does<br>
&lt;dbaron> s/I've seen/I think I've seen/<br>
&lt;emilio> florian: as you pointed out raised cap with a descender already needs to deal with this so it makes sense to do the same<br>
&lt;emilio> RESOLVED: make drop caps behave like raise caps for the purposes of text-align and justification<br>

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