Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-variables] Substitution of invalid variables into other variables (#4075)

This decision seems like it was heavily considered in both directions since it's contradictory in one interpretation. I would really really really appreciate a re-evaluation of where it landed though because the consequences have entirely removed the ability to have a --css-variable component be nested with itself and use fallback behavior in `var(...)` references (they also cannot be nested with other independent components relying on a same-named variable now) 

And just as @emilio presented, this behavior looks unexpected even on the surface

Further, [the spec specifically says]( that the cascade value should be thrown out by the time it's become invalid at computed-value time:

> Note: The invalid at computed-value time concept exists because variables can’t "fail early" like other syntax errors can, so by the time the user agent realizes a property value is invalid, it’s already thrown away the other cascaded values.

Also, `initial` is interpreted as "unset anywhere" for everything else, for example:
This demonstrates that color, which is also inherited, when set to `initial` becomes black because it behaves as unset _since the root_, essentially skipping its inherited behavior.

This change has made the "guaranteed invalid" behavior of css variables into an edge case only guaranteed on :root

cc @andruud @tabatkins 

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