Re: [csswg-drafts] [cssom-view] scrollingElement quirksmode description looks wrong... a typo I think? (#5326)

Well, I guess that means it's probably not just a typo.  I have a feeling it might somehow relate to this note (which follows the description of _scrollingElement_ in CSSOM-view):

> Note: For non-conforming user agents that always use the quirks mode behavior for scrollTop and scrollLeft, the scrollingElement attribute is expected to also always return the HTML body element (or null if it does not exist). This API exists so that Web developers can use it to get the right element to use for scrolling APIs, without making assumptions about a particular user agent’s behavior or having to invoke a scroll to see which element scrolls the viewport.

But I'm still baffled:  The obvious thing you'd want is the viewport-scrolling element when there is one, or null if the viewport can't be scrolled; but in QuirksMode the specified behavior is actually giving you _the exact reverse of that_.  So if this isn't a mistake, maybe there should be some better documentation about how/why this makes any sense?

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Received on Sunday, 26 July 2020 10:35:00 UTC