Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline] Leading control at start/end of block (#3240)

So, the CSSWG accepted to do this and we've published some drafts (sorry for the late update here), see current state at:
[Notes: [4 June update]( and [23 June update](]

We're still trying to figure out how best to handle the ergonomics of this, so comments and feedback is very welcome (although filing separate issues for each subtopic is preferred). ^_^

Some of the currently open issues include:
- [application to descendant blocks](
- [handling descendant inlines of differing sizes](
- [dealing with pagination[(
- [internationalization / missing OpenType metrics](

There's also some ongoing exploration of the interaction of leading-trim and other features relating to line box sizing, see

I'd encourage everyone interested in this feature to have a look at the draft and think about it, and let us know if we're forgetting anything, or if you think something could be handled better!

Note: One of the major principles of designing CSS, btw, is making sure the system is robust to unexpected situations: fonts not loading, larger/smaller window sizes than expected, user input, translations into other writing systems, etc. This feature is a little bit dangerous because it potentially cuts out significant parts of the text from being measured. One of the challenges for Inline Layout in particular is figuring out how to balance that need for robustness with the finicky needs of optically aligning text. :) So keep that in mind as you review the draft...

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