Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values] Math Constant phi for Golden Ratio (#4702)

> if someone can provide a use-case that isn't solved equally well by using 1.6, I could change my position. 

I thought I did just that by pointing out the problem with unequal reciprocal values, e. g. a tall vs. a wide “Golden” rectangle. Authors can use approximations for sure, but they cannot rely on a *single* approximation to apply in all cases sufficiently.

> It is completely reasonable to either inline a slightly more precise value here (1.618), or store a high-precision value for phi in a variable and use it in (…) calculations

How is this work to be done – possibly introducing mistakes – by every single author more reasonable than making a predefined constant available to all authors?

Your arguments against a predefined exact constant apparently are:

- Approximations are always good enough.
- Everyone can calculate it to arbitrary precision themselves.

I think I have demonstrated that the first one is not true. The second one became true with recent additions to CSS, but it is counter to convenience, redundancy and error avoidance. 

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