Re: [csswg-drafts] [scroll-animations] TAG feedback: interaction with prefers reduced motion (#5321)

the `prefers-*` family of media queries only indicate user preferences, so that the author can react to them in useful ways.  So having an author disable parallax effects when it's on would make sense, but having the UA do that for them wouldn't be a good fit for how it works.

However, there are parallels you can draw the the `prefers-contrast` / `prefers-color-scheme` vs `forced-colors` and In addition to a few media features that lets the author learn about user preferences, there is also a mode where the user gets the UA to enforce their choice. There's still an MQ to let the author know that that's happened, but it's a different situation.

Maybe the same approach might make sense in terms with regards to preferring no animation and forcibly turning them off.

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Received on Thursday, 16 July 2020 06:22:19 UTC