Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-pseudo-4] ::first-letter should include space separators (#5154)

Just to be sure... 
**::first-letter should not apply to initial spaces**, according to the following test and its author, Ethan Malasky

its reference

In my opinion, the test above is correct.

::first-letter applying to PunctuationCharacter+Space+LetterOrNumber is different and can make sense (depending on language). 

According to Unicode, there are many kinds of spaces (gc = Zs) and many kinds of punctuation characters which would eventually apply regarding this issue:

Code   Name
U+0020 space
U+00A0 no-break space
U+1680 ogham space mark
U+2000 en quad
U+2001 em quad
U+2002 en space
U+2003 em space
U+2004 three-per-em space
U+2005 four-per-em space
U+2006 six-per-em space
U+2007 figure space
U+2008 punctuation space
U+2009 thin space
U+200A hair space
U+202F narrow no-break space
U+205F medium mathematical space
U+3000 ideographic space

Pc  Connector_Punctuation a connecting punctuation mark, like a tie
Pd  Dash_Punctuation  a dash or hyphen punctuation mark
Ps  Open_Punctuation  an opening punctuation mark (of a pair)
Pe  Close_Punctuation  a closing punctuation mark (of a pair)
Pi  Initial_Punctuation  an initial quotation mark
Pf  Final_Punctuation   a final quotation mark
Po  Other_Punctuation  a punctuation mark of other type

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