Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-lists-3][css-pseudo-4] Does text-transform inherit to ::marker? (#4206)

I think I agree with @fantasai and @dauwhe, mainly because a ::marker can be generated and populated with content without the author ever having heard of the `::marker` pseudo-element.

That means we really have to try and do the right thing in the UA stylesheet - resetting `text-transform`, and probably `letter-spacing`, `word-spacing` and `text-indent` (if it applies). We already reset `unicode-bidi` and set `font-variant-numeric`, so markers are already a little bit different to before/after.

I think the case for resetting `letter-spacing` and `word-spacing` is much less clear for inside markers, but I know we went over that in #4568 and didn't get to a solution. If we don't want to do anything clever here (as discussed in #4568) then optimizing for the most common case means we should reset them.

Because we have inside list markers, all text properties must all still apply. But I don't think anyone's arguing against that.

(aside: I know there's a list somewhere of what proportion of websites use certain features, but can't find it. What does it say about `list-style-position: inside`?)

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