Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-adjust-1][mediaqueries-5] Fold `forced-colors` and `prefers-contrast`? (#3856)

@fantasai wrote:
> Your example in #3856 (comment) doesn't work because you're assuming that (prefers-contrast) only matches high or increased contrast modes, but in fact it also matches low contrast modes. 

The spec proposes `low`, but would it ever match? It's a theoretical value that's not associated with any real user preference; there is no "low contrast" switch on any common operating system. I proposed in #2943 that the "low" value be removed since it's not implementable.

Meanwhile, macOS and iOS both have a "non-high-contrast-but-increased-contrast" mode (first shipped in iOS 7, over 8 years ago) that the CSS MQ5 spec does _not_ account for. If those platforms ever ship a true "high" contrast mode, [the current syntax of the media feature would become incompatible](, because it doesn't allow that future flexibility. Adding forced colors into the mix makes the authoring syntax even more complicated. 

The preferable, simple boolean:
@media (prefers-contrast) { }
Would become this at minimum: 
@media (prefers-contrast: high) or (prefers-contrast: increase) { }
Why force authors to be so verbose in order to match the most common use case? 

We're crossing into the other issue a bit, so instead of going into more detail here, I'll point across to the proposal in

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