Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-ui-4] ‘user-select’ to control focusability (#5283)

@emilio thanks for that pointer to the `inert` conversation. It was enlightening, and I agree with the arguments you made there (except for the one about punting on `user-focus` 😜).

I don’t find it regrettable that we have things like user-select and pointer-events (and display, visibility, overflow, ::content, animation, transition, etc. that dip into behavior and content). I think CSS and CSS authors are better off with these sort of capabilities and the ability to set them with selector-based rules, rather that by modifying DOM attributes or relying too much on scripting to achieve things. 

With regard to @dbaron’s “philosophical” comments in that thread, which I also agree with, I would like to draw the line further into the realm of more specifying of non-visual presentation qualities and behavior via CSS, with things like `nav-next`, `::a11y-content`, `visibility: visible aria-hidden`, `display: none aria-inline`, `aria-describes: <custom-identifier>`, `aria-described-by: <custom-identifier>`, etc. (all theoretical and unspecified at this time). But `user-focus` (or adding focus values to `user-select`) would be a great start. 

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