Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-5] Hue interpolation and multiple colors (#5277)

I do like the keyword options that we have for 2 colors, so whatever the outcome for `n` colors, I would prefer that it simplify down to what we have, when `n` = 2.

I suspect though that for `n` > 2 it really just means a weighted sum of (normalized `[0 - 360)`) angles and they end up where they end up.

In linear-light colorspaces, I _think_ additivity also means that we can do pairwise combination in any order: mix color_1 and color_2 to get color_a, then mix color_a and color_3 to get color_b and so on. Would need to test out that intuition though by doing such a calculation twice (starting from either end of the list).

In general though the order does matter, and greater weight is given to the later colors in the list (same as with alpha compositing, the top one has more effect).

We should also keep in mind what are the actual use case for 3 or more color mixing. Or did we just add it for completeness? If so we can save a lot of trouble by just _not doing that_.

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