[csswg-drafts] [css-inline] When does an empty inline suppress the whole line when in a list? (#5276)

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== [css-inline] When does an empty inline suppress the whole line when in a list? ==
Consider these examples, extracted from a [real website](https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1647697).

 * `data:text/html,<!doctype html><ul><li><span></span><p>bar</p></li>`
 * `data:text/html,<ul><li><span></span><p>bar</p></li>` (same as above, but quirks instead of standard mode).
 * `data:text/html,<!doctype html><li><span></span><p>bar</p></li>` (same as the first example, but with a wrapping `<ul>`)
 * `data:text/html,<li><span></span><p>bar</p></li>` (same as above, but quirks)

Browsers seem to disagree on whether the `<span>` should take space:

 * WebKit thinks the `<span>` should never take space.
 * Gecko changes depending on the quirks mode.
 * Blink differs depending on whether there's an `<ul>` or not (lol). I suspect there's a better explanation for this, cc @kojiishi.

So... It's not clear to me the spec defines this case, but I may be wrong... Browsers clearly disagree even in standards mode.

I _think_ I like WebKit's behavior more, as it's more consistent with how layout works when markers are not involved... I can dig on why Gecko only behaves like this in Quirks mode if needed. But people may have different opinions?

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