Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-images-3] clarify which images image-orientation applies to (#5245)

> So the question is: does the image-orientation property apply to "decorative" images, such as background-image and border-image? And if it does not (as currently specified), the second question is can we tightly define "decorative" images.

Agree that that's what we need to answer.

The goal of the `image-orientation` property is to make it easy to turn off the new automatic re-orientation behavior, in case authors have content that breaks with the new behavior.  (We had a few bug reports in Firefox of content that broke, due to images being used that had incorrect orientation metadata in them, probably because of tools that rotated the image data but left the metadata untouched.  So it is useful for quickly fixing this.  But these were all `<img>` elements.)

If `image-orientation` doesn't apply to decorative images, then there is no easy way to opt out of any breakage that's occurred.  So I would prefer to have it apply to all content and decorative images that the element has, and then not bother with defining decorative images.

I don't have a strong opinion on `cursor` and resources linked to with `<link>` / `<meta>` elements, but I think it would be fine not to them apply there.  It's unlikely people are using JPEGs with orientation data in them.

My view of orientation metadata is that it's an implementation detail of the image, and the only reason that we are allowing control of whether it is honored is to help authors manage this change in behavior.

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