Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4] Installed font aliasing (#5819)

The spec shouldn’t be too prescriptive here. Just as in the discussions about font privacy, the spec can’t list exactly which fonts are installed on any machine, and I don’t think there is a reliably-testable difference between “both Helvetica and Arial are installed” vs “only Helvetica is installed but Arial maps to it too.”

We should just add a normative “may” to the spec allowing user agents to add aliases if they feel their users would be served by having those aliases.

Background: many Chinese websites hardcode Windows-specific font names. We have added aliases in WebKit on iOS and macOS to fonts which have a similar design, in order to try to improve fidelity with the author’s intent. Having the freedom to do this is important for both browsers and operating systems to better serve their customers.

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