Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-5] Findings on SCSS function usage to inform direction of Color 5 (#5782)

> Most of the usage in SCSS etc uses HSL because that is all that is available

the problem, or gamut clamp, starts earlier than SCSS imo. starts with designers and their color tools. most designers hunt and peck inside the rgb spectrum square.. designers deliver hex, developers receive hex. eg: nearly every single "developer designer handoff tool" delivers hex colors. even most CSS [libraries]( deliver hex. it's at this point, with these values, "most" devs are in SCSS and need to darken it on hover.. without asking the ${insert dependency here}. 

and, tons of color function use is possible with css syntax today, but there's a belief that css can't do it. hsl can do most of it, but hsl is even too advanced for many people. it can't be ignored that massive amounts of scss stylesheets have code like `opacity(#000, 20%)` or `lighten(blue, 5%)` on hover. they wont see the benefits of the perceptual space work, they dont even see the edges of their gamut, the bunches of hues or the mud in their gradients. this main stream usage of ergonomic, natural language focused simplicity is all they need. "oh, css can `lighten()` now? handy! oh, docs say i can specify a colorspace, woh. maybe one day a designer will tell me which they want?". imo, they'll paste a colorspace once the tool they get their colors from has it in the easy copy button. 

how much lch adoption was there in the scss source maps? i tried looking in the spreadsheet data, but saw no values?
if it's low, let's make lch an upgrade / preference, and not a requirement. i've seen very low lch adoption in the postcss space, even though I feel i've talked about it plenty. again, i'm crazy excited for the capability, the channel interactions and apis, and overall coverage of the spec. i just can't ignore that there's engineering interest of a srgb version, engineering fear of performance implications of lch, as well as massive amounts of main stream satisfaction of srgb scss color functions. 

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