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Re: [csswg-drafts] Let's make snapshot 2020 while the year is still young (#4715)

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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2020 17:31:44 +0000
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The CSS Working Group just discussed `2020 Snapshot`, and agreed to the following:

* `RESOLVED: Move images 3 to stable bucket`
* `RESOLVED: Moving css ui 5 to stable limited test`
* `RESOLVED: color l4 move to stable needs testing`
* `RESOLVED: Add grid 2 to snapshot in same place as grid 1`
* `RESOLVED: Publish snapshot 2020 as a note`

<details><summary>The full IRC log of that discussion</summary>
&lt;fantasai> Topic: 2020 Snapshot<br>
&lt;fantasai> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-css-wg/2020OctDec/0105.html<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Last publication issue. florian and I reviewed 2020 snapshot. It is ready based on earlier discussion. We think a few specs should be added/shifted though<br>
&lt;fantasai> https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/4715#issuecomment-745856263<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: If it's okay I'd like to ask WG about possible changes.<br>
&lt;chris> github: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=149772<br>
&lt;chris> oops<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: First is add css box module L3 to top tier since it has no new functionality. Pretty stable<br>
&lt;dael> github: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/4715#issuecomment-745856263<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Let's go one by one<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: Objections to moving box to the top?<br>
&lt;dael> Resolved: move box to the top<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Next [missed]<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: ditto for images L3 since we cleaned that up<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: It is now in sync with all the changes and pretty stable<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Not top level as top, but stable spec with limited testing<br>
&lt;fantasai> https://drafts.csswg.org/css-2020/<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: Objections to moving images 3 to stable bucket?<br>
&lt;dael> RESOLVED: Move images 3 to stable bucket<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: Moving css ui 5 to stable limited test<br>
&lt;dael> RESOLVED: Moving css ui 5 to stable limited test<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Next few less sure<br>
&lt;fantasai> s/ui 5/sizing 3/<br>
&lt;fantasai> s/ui 5/sizing 3/<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: There was an issue against snapshot about transforms l2 to rough interop bucket<br>
&lt;dael> chris: It has one impl<br>
&lt;dael> chris: Chrome has a bug on it<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: transforms 2 I thought multi impl of 3d transforms<br>
&lt;dael> chris: Yes, but single transform is only one impl<br>
&lt;dael> florian: Seems short for rough interop<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Could add and exclude those bits or save for next year<br>
&lt;dael> florian: Save it<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Other was color adjust 1. Maybe save for next year as well<br>
&lt;emilio> hmm, Gecko ships individual transform properties iirc<br>
&lt;dael> chris: Doesn't have any tests so claim of interop is hard to substantiate. Is it only human testable?<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: SHouldn't require human interaction to work. We can do it next year<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: I asked about color and font 4<br>
&lt;dael> chris: I responded.<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: 2021<br>
&lt;gsnedders> WebKit has an impl, but not shipped in Safari<br>
&lt;dael> chris: Color 4 is stable. A few bits are not. Closed enough that I expect cr in jan or feb. stable and getting impl<br>
&lt;gsnedders> s/an impl/an impl of individual transform properties/<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: color 4 in stable needs testing or save for 2021<br>
&lt;dael> chris: let's say stable and needs testing.<br>
&lt;dael> chris: Same with fonts 4<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: color l4 move to sable needs testing<br>
&lt;dael> RESOLVED: color l4 move to stable needs testing<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: fonts 4 a lot of open issues. Lot of impl happeneing but spec text mayne not stable<br>
&lt;gsnedders> do we not have tests for most of color l4 in WPT from when impls implemented it?<br>
&lt;dael> chris: It is. I disagree on issue. 2 groups of long running issues. generic font families and privacy issues. It's stable apart from those bits.<br>
&lt;dael> florian: There are 76 open issues. Are they all what you said?<br>
&lt;dael> chris: At least 3/4 of them<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: Seems a little early with number of issues<br>
&lt;dael> chris: I'll push a little but I'll fallback with graceful degredation<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: I think we want to save that for next year<br>
&lt;dael> chris: Fine<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Prop publishing the snapshot 2020 as a note<br>
&lt;dael> chris: Grid 2<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Oh, yes. Grid 1 is rough interop but needs more testing. Grid 2 is a superset of 1.<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Part that's different in L2 has had no issues<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Might make sense to put them in the same bucket<br>
&lt;dael> chris: Makes sense to me<br>
&lt;fantasai> s/same bucket/same bucket, since what's holding 2 back is the shared part/<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: Publishing snapshot as a note. Objections?<br>
&lt;fantasai> s/bucket/bucket as 1/<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Didn't resolve on grid 2.<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: I thought we were not going to move<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Add to snapshot in same place as grid 1<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: Objections?<br>
&lt;dael> RESOLVED: Add grid 2 to snapshot in same place as grid 1<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: And now, are we ready to push snapshot 2020 as a note?<br>
&lt;dael> RESOLVED: Publish snapshot 2020 as a note<br>
&lt;dael> chris: What state is it in and when to prepare for publication?<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: Need to make resolution edits. Tomorrow, I'm guessing<br>
&lt;dael> Rossen_: Anything else for publication?<br>
&lt;dael> fantasai: That's all I got<br>
&lt;dael> florian: I'm done<br>

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