Re: [csswg-drafts] Let's make snapshot 2020 while the year is still young (#4715)

> Is Color 4 ready to add somewhere?

Yes, clearly. _"completed design work, and are fairly stable, but have not received much testing and implementation experience yet"_ seems accurate - Safari has implemented some, BFO has implemented it all, and other browsers are discussing how to implement. Most issues are closed, so it seems **fairly stable**. I'm aiming at CR in Spring 2021.

> Is Fonts 4 ready to add to rough interop? (Seems too unstable for “stable”, but also seems mostly implemented?)

Also stable with limited testing. The instabilities are primarily in the areas of 
1. New generic font families
2. Fonts and privacy

[Large parts are widely implemented](, in particular the variable fonts stuff. The color fonts stuff is stable but not implemented, which is holding back deployment of color fonts since people need to adjust them in a stylesheet, not by opening a font editor. And `font-variant-alternates`, which was pushed from Fonts 3 because of slow implementations, is still Firefox only although Chrome did say they would implement it.

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