Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-sizing] clarification around Compressible Replaced Elements and min-content size (#5665)

Some of those bug reports are kind of old, so I just retested a few of them (Heineken, Yahoo, Bing) in Firefox with RDM mode (with Galaxy S9 as the choice of emulation target), and I confirmed the bugs are indeed still reproducible on those live sites. :(

It seems that this is a mobile web-design trick that's spread somehow (or been repeatedly rediscovered?) as a way of creating a textfield/button combo that fills the available width in a mobile viewport; the web developer just wraps them in a flex container and gives the textfield `flex:1;width:100%`, and they expect that to make the input compressible (and it does, in Chrome/WebKit, which means nearly-everywhere on mobile).  Kind of like

So, it does look like our hands are tied here.

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