Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color] Working Color Space (#300)

To catch up on this long-standing issue:

There cannot be a per-document or even per-element `working colorspace` because different options require calculations to be done in different colorspaces:

- [color interpolation is now defined in CSS Color 5]( and uses Lab by default, but individual properties or functions can override this
- [`color-mix()`]( overrides the interpolation default to LCH, but has syntax to specify a different colorspace
- [compositing]( currently uses gamma-encodes sRGB (which is terrible, but Web compatible) and will need to be upgraded to at minimum allow a linear-light option. CIE XYZ is the obvious choice here. Implementations can calculate in another linear-light space, like linear-light display-p3, and get the same result modulo gamut clipping. See
- [gradients currently use alpha-premultiplied gamma-encoded sRGB]( for Web compat, and will need to be upgraded to allow a perceptually uniform (still alpha premultiplied) option. Lab and LCH are the obvious candidates there. CSS Color 5 defines [alpha-premultiplication for all color spaces](

Also the need for a working colorspace for serialization was removed [serialized value is in the colorspace it was declared](

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