Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-contain-2] do we need size containment in a single dimension to enable container queries? (#1031)

> I've assumed that we can cheaply and "locally" compute the would-be-contained size for containers whenever they get a new (actual) size. If that's not true, […] then pinky-promise probably doesn't work.

I believe that's indeed not true, because evaluating them cheaply and locally like that makes layout stateful, which is bad. The current state of the layout should not matter when (re)evaluating the layout. If this is true, when browsers evaluate the layout is an unobservable implementation detail, and they may do it as often or as rarely as they want to, recomputing it for part of the page or for the whole page, and nobody can tell the difference. This is an important quality to maintain, and it rules out the pinky-promise approach (unless we recalculate everything form a clean state every time, but that would be expensive).

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