Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] Please consider adding a text-stroke-linejoin (to lighten up fonts, etc) (#5430)

Using outlines to bolden or lighten a font is something of a hack (and in the absence of set-geometric operations like the ill-fated [vector effects]( which would actually subtract the stroke geometry from the fill geometry, relies on the fill color and the background color being solid colors, to hide the deception.

Now that we have variable fonts with a `wght` axis, "lightening" a glyph is more easily accomplished, produced the result expected by the font designer (which is less obvious with the unmodulated stroke of the fonts used to illustrate this, but is very visible on glyphs with a higher contrast between thick and thin portions) and also, propagates correctly to any children (of a different weight, or a different size).

Having said which, stroking fonts to produce a *visible* outline is totally a thing, and the `stroke-linejoin` is a useful way to control that effect.

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