Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-cascade] Custom Cascade Layers (formerly "custom origins") (#4470)

Yes, it's very important that the final page author have the ultimate control over how things are layered. A third-party library gives its layers a default ordering according to the order they appear in that library, but the page author can choose to reorder those (or rather, insert their own layers between the third-party's layers) if they have a need for that.

The importing syntax used is just about whether you wrap the entire third-party sheet in another layer or not; doing so lets you (a) put CSS that's not layer-aware into a layer, so it works better with the rest of the layer-aware page, and (b) easily put a whole stylesheet into a particular spot in the layer ordering, without having to carefully control the location it shows up in the document or care about what layer names the stylesheet might itself use.

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