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== [web-animations-1] 4.3.2. Document timelines, logic ==
The phrase "If the associated document is not an active document or its time origin has not yet been established", makes no sense to me, because the time origin, is defined in HR time in "4.2 time Origin attribute" as `DOMHighResTimeStamp`, that is defined to be in WebIDL `typedef double DOMHighResTimeStamp` and double itself is defined in the WebIDL in "2.13.14. double" as `finite`. What I mean is that time origin, is always established (never unresolved, because its not optional, neither its an unrestricted double), so the text after "active document" is technically never going to lead to 'true'. 

Also the first paragraph of this chapter is foggy somehow. In a common sense, it looks like that the document start time (`now` at the start) is subtracted from `now` at update time to have the `elapsed time`. Then `origin-relative time = elapsed time + origin offset time`. That means that for a non-default time line with `origin offset time = 10s`, at the start of the animation, the `current time = 10s`, because its a sum, if it was a subtraction, then it was going to be `-10s`, because the origin is actually at the 10s. Is it really a plus intended?

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