Re: [csswg-drafts] [web-animations-1] Play state of an animation with an unresolved timeline (#5400)

> however, it does break the play state for cases where the timeline is unresolved. Explicitly setting the start time of an animation with an unresolved timeline should leave the animation in an idle state.

I'm not sure I quite follow this part. I _think_ it actually makes sense to me that the animation is finished/running at this point?

> Suggesting the following change to play state:
> All of the following conditions are true:
> The current time of animation is unresolved, and
> the start time of animation is unresolved **or the timeline is unresolved**, and
> animation does not have either a pending play task or a pending pause task,
> → idle

Is there precedent for distinguishing between the lack of an associated timeline and an associated but inactive timeline? I thought we always treated those two as the same? (i.e. the lack of an associated timeline can be thought of as being associated with a "null timeline" that is always inactive).

> If the timeline is explicitly set to null, should the play state be allowed to be in a running state?

I _think_ so?

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