Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-pseudo-4] ::first-letter should include space separators (#5154)

> <astearns> I think we should allow the regular space, even though I'm fussy about typography
> <TabAtkins> florian: At least in French, it's pretty common to say ordinary spaces, probably same in Norwegian. So I'd include standard space.

We use a regular space between the punctuation and the first letter in norwegian: 
`– Pettersen, ropte hun, – kom inn og få kaffe.`

> <florian>
> <TabAtkins> florian: So in this example we actually do want the included thing to be large.
> <TabAtkins> florian: In other cases we wont' want the punct large, but those apply equally to the exisdting punct-letter without space.

There are several examples where the punctuation is styled with the same size as the letter. The author notes that it's preferable to hide the punctuation, as in the lower example. Sometimes the punctuation is styled smaller and placed into the margin. I think the best thing would be to support all three versions. This issue should be seen together with #2040 

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