Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-images] Should the values of image-orientation include the <angle> variants? (#4164)

I'd like to request `image-orientation: none` which remains quite useful.  (The original post asks about the angle variants, but [at least one comment]( suggest removing `image-orientation` altogether.)

[My web platform]( [jumps through hoops]( to `transform` images to correctly orient them (with still-correct scale and bounding box) according to their EXIF data, so that I don't need to modify the files themselves.

If a browser were to suddenly respect EXIF data, this would break how things are currently rendered (double rotation).  I can remove my workaround code eventually, but not until all browsers respect EXIF data.  I'd need `image-orientation: none` to handle the interim case where some browsers want to respect EXIF data and some don't (to make them act the same: not respecting), or at the very least, some kind of reflection mechanism so that I can tell what type of browser I'm on (EXIF respecting or not).

Regarding angle variants: Services that strip EXIF data from the JPEG might still store that metadata in their database, which would make the angle variant useful for their own rendering. (Though I could also see them leaving just the Orientation EXIF data.)  I could also see a human user enjoying the option to manually rotate a deep-embedded EXIF-stripped JPEG via CSS, even if they have to figure out the rotation manually.

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