Re: [csswg-drafts] [cssom-view] getBoundingClientRect undefined in paged media (#4463)

Well, not quite. `getClientRects()` gives you one rectangle per fragment of the element. The goal of `getBoundingClientRect()` is to get a bounding box grouping those. But you can only group per page.

So if you have an element with 5 fragments, 2 on the first page and 3 on the second, `getClientRects()` will give you 5 rectangles. `getBoundingClientRect()` as currently specified will give you one, but what it is is undefined. Some kind of `getBoundingClientRects()`  (note the plural) would give you 2: one that is the bounding box of both fragments on the first page, one that is the bounding box of the 3 fragments on the second page.

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Received on Tuesday, 29 October 2019 10:05:26 UTC