Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-rhythm][css-values][css-cascade] length-precision for Actual Values (#4440)

I'm very sorry, @crissov, but as usual I'm going to have to ask for at least a hint of actual use-cases here - some sort of problem we could actually examine that might be helped by this suggestion. Without that, none of this design work does anything for us, as we have no way to tell what parts are necessary and what parts are overdesigned or not the right solution.

For example, without use-cases, I could imagine that snapping lengths to whole `px` *might* be useful, but I can't tell whether it actually is or not, or whether the central premise of doing this on a global level for an element vs on individual lengths via a math function is better. The entire rest of the proposal, lacking any use-cases to the contrary, look like complete over-engineering to my initial review. Many of the suggestions here would also require significant engineering work thru the entire style system, such as setting particular sub-pixel precisions or bit-widths that don't accord with the current (purposely unspecified) values used by actual implementations; without *very strong* use-cases, we can probably reject those offhand.

I'm going to close this issue. If you can provide use-cases for these suggestions, we can reopen and discuss at that time.

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Received on Tuesday, 22 October 2019 21:17:36 UTC