Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] What does fangsong map to for non chinese text (#4425)

OK, bringing this back to the original issue, then:

Generic font families are not _required_ to have full script coverage, or even any script coverage.  So that answers @frivoal's original question: the fangsong font doesn't need match to anything outside of what is normally in a fangsong font. Authors can use the font stack to control fallback.

But: should we say more than that?

- Should we specifically restrict fangsong to certain scripts (even if the chosen font-family includes other characters)?

- Or the reverse: should we encourage user agents to create a composite font that looks nice with the fangsong font they are using? E.g., if the fangsong font includes Latin characters of a certain styles, should that style be used consistently for other characters?

- Or should we give user agents free range to find fonts for any script that are "a relaxed, intermediate form between serif and cursive"?

(I suspect that these last two approaches could result in contradictory results.)

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