Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] What does fangsong map to for non chinese text (#4425)

> Are you saying that for `font-family: serif, MyWebFont`, there are some characters that will trigger the web font as opposed to a system font?


LastResort is the font that only has a handful of glyphs, the glyphs all look like em boxes, and it draws all of Unicode as those boxes. It isn't really applicable here, since users almost never see it. If an engine falls off the end of the `font-family` list, it will find _some_ font on the system that can render the desired character. It uses heuristics about which fonts _are_ present inside the `font-family` list, and tries to find a font that is similar to those but can support the desired character. The only way LastResort will ever be used if there is literally no font on the entire computer and no web font that can render the character.

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