Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] What does fangsong map to for non chinese text (#4425)

> The word "fangsong" indicates very specific style for CJK users. Mapping to any other typefaces looks very strange to me.

As currently defined, it has to map to something, as it is a generic font family type that always matches. If we keep that, we really should say what it maps too. Having fangsong match serif outside of the CJK range doesn't sound much worse to me than saying that "serif" matches "mincho" (which we already do).

However, changing it being more normal and allowing fallbacks, so that the authors can pick what they want if the fangsong font doesn't cover their language also sounds ok to me.

(as for math and emoji, I'm not sure I understand how they work: emoji isn't a style of font, it's a subset of Unicode... but that's probably a separate topic)

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