Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid-2] Subsetting grid-template-areas in subgrids (#4411)

So, in the order I prefer the alternatives:

* E: This is a very simple model - it should be easy to implement and teach. It doesn't require changes to Grid 1 and it insulates the subgrid from all line names that are outside its extent.

* A: (either area-based, as currently implemented in Gecko, or a more line-based version as @mirisuzanne suggested) This is a somewhat more complicated model, but still fairly simple to implement and teach. It insulates the subgrid from **explicit** line names in the parent grid that are outside its extent.

* D: Conceptually a simple model but I think it's a lot harder to implement than it sounds.  Also, collapsing all outside names to the subgrid's edges leads to rather weird behavior that doesn't seem very useful. Arbitrary line name changes outside the subgrid can affect matching inside the subgrid which seems undesirable.

* B and C: These are more complicated models to understand and have weird effects.  They also aren't compatible with Grid 1, which is interoperably implemented and shipped by multiple UAs for several years (possible web-compat fallout, implementation regressions, etc). I'm fairly strongly opposed to these options since they are invasive and thus disproportionate to solve the problem at hand.

(I'll take a stab at implementing E to see what falls out and report back...)

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Received on Tuesday, 15 October 2019 16:16:50 UTC