Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid-2] Subsetting grid-template-areas in subgrids (#4411)

@rachelandrew Well, for the grids that effectively define grid areas using -start/-end lines rather than an ascii template, the other options would let those work equivalently. Which is probably a concrete benefit to B/C/D vs A. (The other one being that templates have up til now been just a convenient way to assign those line names, not an entity of themselves, so would maybe make sense to continue that attitude.)

@mirisuzanne One concern with your approach, suppose the author is repeating the pattern `[outer-start] [inner-start] [inner-end] [outer-end]` throughout a grid, each set representing a "column" of content. If the subgrid takes up, say, four columns but there are six columns in the parent grid, then the first and last lines of the subgrid gets assigned all four names instead of just `[outer-start]`, which is probably not what we want since the first item positioned to `inner-start` will start at what the author thinks of as an `outer-start` line.

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