[csswg-drafts] [css-shadow-parts] What's the purpose of multiple idents in ::part()? (#4412)

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== [css-shadow-parts] What's the purpose of multiple idents in ::part()? ==
I get multiple elements having the same part name, as well as multiple part names on a single element. But what's the point of being able to select parts by multiple names?

The example in the spec: `::part(tab active)` would be better addressed by `::part(tab):state(active)` rather than conflating state and structure. Are there any non-state use cases?

FWIW, the spec should also be clear about the difference between state and structure and recommend ::part() for structure and ::state() for state (and not give a state example for a structural feature). Pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements are different for a reason, let's not break that.

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