Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-transforms-2] Is it necessary to serialize all 3 components of translate given the 3rd component is 0px (#3305)

> That doesn't happen, at least in Blink. We detect that the property is animating.

I assume your detection doesn't cover JS animations. So all JS animations would need to use `will-change`. But `will-change` doesn't really have defined behavior when it comes to which optimizations it uses for transformations. There's no way to say "will change to 3D" as opposed to "will change in scale" or "will change in position".

Even for CSS animations, it goes against general CSS behavior if pausing/freezing an animation at a translate Z of 0px has a different rendering compared to setting that transformation directly.

Worth mentioning as well, that for SVG there are some spec'd differences in behavior/validity for 2D vs 3D transformations (although implementations aren't all on board, e.g. for z-index).

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