Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid-2][css-grid] `grid-template-rows/columns` Computed / Resolved Values for 'subgrid' values (#4362)

I forgot to ask about trailing lines with no names. If we have for example:
  grid-column: span 4;
  grid-template-columns: subgrid [] [a];
should that resolve to `subgrid [] [a] [] [] []` or `subgrid [] [a]`?
The general principle of shortest possible serialization would suggest the latter, but I think there's also some utility in the former since it makes it possible for script to figure out how many tracks the subgrid spans (which might be hard to deduce otherwise - for example if line names were used to position the subgrid). (I have no personal preference, it's trivial to implement either.)

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