Re: [csswg-drafts] scroll-policy: ease horizontal scrolling by wheel in vertical writing mode (#4380)

> Sorry if some of this is rehashing old issues. I started looking through the history in but it's extremely long so I'd appreciate if you could summarize/answer some of these details and what the experience has been like with Firefox's approach so far,

In short, Firefox AutoDir works this way:

If it's turned on, then if the current pointed element is only scrollable(only overflows) in one direction, then let the vertical wheel event just make the content scroll in that direction, no matter it's horizontal or vertical.
(Firefox AutoDir is not related to CSS, it currently doesn't regard writing mode, so it's not perfect, and it may break the current web behaviour, so it's disabled by default).

> specifically issues that came up and motivate your current design/thinking.

Whole-page-in-vertical-writing-mode is the motivation, this is the traditional writing style in CJK. But currently in the WEB world, developers are hesitant to use it, I think the one primary reason is because it's not practical - to be specific - because of unease of horizontal scroll on desktop computers with only one directional mouse wheel(Small touchable screens like mobile phones don't have such issue). CSS has been doing great efforts in writing modes and logicalising layout properties, etc., but unfortunately, yet still leaving the practical issue like horizontal scrolling unresolved.

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