Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-transforms] Provide a way to specify rastered content scale for transformed content (#236)

> The example I link to in that thread no longer has the problem (JS scaling animation never re-rasterizing while `will-change: transform` is active). That is, Chrome now re-rasterizes when it scales up too much from the original.

Right, thanks for mentioning that. We added a [tweak]( to not rasterize below "device" scale (meaning the "natural" scale of the composited layer). This was in response to an example that is a lot like the one in your Twitter thread. That made the Greensock folks happier, and may have resolved the most important use cases.

> Maybe that's enough & this issue is out of date. But I assume there are still going to be some JS-driven animations where it will be useful to give the rendering engine a heads up about what `will-change` is going to mean.

I agree with this. Right now it seems we've optimized the heuristics as well as we might be able to, and I'm sure some use cases are still not so great.

Maybe there could be a way of specifying in CSS that a property will be animated within the range of a declared keyframe sequence?

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