Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-media-queries] Foldables support and enablement (#4141)

Saw [this tweet today]( announcing a Microsoft surface phone/tablet with split screen. Not technically a "foldable", because it uses two distinct screens, but it looks (from the limited info available) like the intent is for some content to spread across the two "pages", which raises the same potential problem of having content on the split where it isn't useful.

![The prototype, consisting of two smartphone-sized screens side by side with a hinge connecting them](

They're target shipping date is November 2020. It'd be great if some of our Microsoft folks could make sure web standards are looped in on any proposals for exposing the screen layout to applications. Since the device will apparently be Android based, it would be ideal if the solutions also worked for other foldable Android devices like the ones presented earlier in this thread.

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