Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-sizing-4] Scrollbars when intrinsic-width is > width? (#4415)

> Is it? It feels to me that it is to replace the calculations of "how big am I", which typically depends on content, but isn't the same.

No, "how big am I" is already handled by 'width' and 'height'. This is definitely replacing "how big are my contents", specifically for the purpose of working with the async-rendering stuff that delays laying out/rendering a container's contents until needed.

And that's precisely what the "intrinsic size" concept covers - what's the minimum and maximum size that my content can make me.

Further, as Ian and Vlad said in their comments, people are already *commonly* using hacks to create scrollbars that look approximately right when doing virtual rendering on their own, and having this property provide that functionality intrinsically seems like a nice accidental win.

Whether or not to generate scrollbars should, of course, be determined by the larger of the intrinsic-size value and the actual size of the contents, so we don't hide content by accidentally making it unscrollable; this is particularly important for the case where "intrinsic-size: 0;" is used to override the bad intrinsic sizing behavior of scrollable elements in grid/flexbox!

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