Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline] A question for the procedure to compute the resolved value of "line-height" (#3749)

I don't really understand why the `line-height` property is singled out. Pretty much all of the properties where the resolved value = used value in [this  list]( may have different used values on each fragment. E.g. `padding-top:10%` on a block that is fragmented has 0px on all fragments except the first, unless ofc `box-decoration-break:clone` was specified, and if so there's no guarantee that the percentage basis is the same for all fragments so they may have a different used value in that case too.

IIRC, Gecko returns the used value for the first fragment for all these properties. It seems inconsistent to me to single out `line-height` as an exception when other properties have the same issue.  For that reason it seems better that Blink adopts the WebKit/Gecko behavior.  A pixel-value also seems more useful to authors than `normal`, even if the value can potentially be different in other fragments if they exist, but as I said, that's no different from padding/border/margin etc.

(Ideally, there should be an API for getting the values of all fragments, but that's a separate issue.)

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Received on Wednesday, 20 March 2019 23:45:21 UTC